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US Army Compass Pouch LC-1 Coat & Belt Everyday Carry

thumb US Army Compass Pouch EDC 10

The US Army Medical / Compass Pouch (LC-1) is a nice little nylon pouch that at one time, was used to hold the compass or medical supplies. I like these pouches for their portability and the fact that you can stick one in any coat, pocket or clip to your belt. It’s small enough to not draw attention, but has ...

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Do You Need An RFID Blocking Wallet, Or Is It Not Necessary?

thumb do i need an rfid blocking wallet

Do I Need An RFID Wallet? Ever since RFID blocking wallets came out, people have been wondering “Do I really need an RFID wallet?” Here’s the thing. In the good old USA, most credit cards, IDs and other cards don’t have RFID yet, and beyond that, “Skimming” information from an RFID card, the hacker (if you will) would need to ...

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Navy Seal Team 6 Survival Kit vs Solkoa SUMA PSK

Ever wonder what's in a US Navy Seal survival kit? Since we're all into everyday carry, wouldn't it stand to reason that we should look at the kits the true professionals, Seal Team 6 and the other Navy Seals carry should disaster happen when they're on missions? Perhaps most of us will never be sent on a top secret clandestine mission other than trying to buy Christmas presents for the kids, but hey, take one from the best of the best and have at least one of these in your car, house or EDC bag for true emergencies.

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Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drives And USB Drive Encryption

Corsair Survivor USB Drive Kid Tested

This is my Niece. The Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drive Survived Her Teething Habit I’ve had a lot of USB drives die on me over the years. Some got water damaged when I accidentally ran them through the wash. Others were crushed in a parking lot (no joke… really happened). Some of them were cheap and data got corrupted. Anyone ...

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