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Best Watches Under $30 To Give For Christmas Presents

  Digital Watches Under $30 Starting off with cheap digital watches, we’re looking for the watches that offer the most for the lowest prices. I’ve chosen Casio because let’s face it: Casio has refined the art of making an inexpensive watch that is pack with features and still maintains a really high quality. Casio AE1200 & AE1000 World Time Watches ...

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Maxi Pads, Tampons and Diapers are NOT Good Blood Stoppers


Maxi Pads, Tampons & Diapers DO NOT Control Bleeding. Let’s stop for a moment to think about what a maxi pad or diaper is designed to do. Simply, it’s there to soak up liquids. When a baby urinates, the diaper is there to collect the urine until the parent can change the diaper, right?  You realize that piss doesn’t endlessly flow ...

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How To Put Together An Everyday Carry

EDC pouches and modules

Your Everyday Carry Doesn’t Have To Be Just One Kit It’s a popular train of thought. Most people try and stuff as much stuff into one everyday carry kit as possible to accommodate for just about any situation that might arise. I would suggest that if you’re into carrying anything more than a stylish, minimal EDC, then you consider the following ...

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Pokka Pens Are The Perfect Pocket Pens for Everyday Carry

everyday carry pokka pen review

Pokka Pen Review Like many others, I initially found the Pokka Pen laid out in someone’s everyday carry pocket dump on Instagram. It was closed up, so I said, “What the heck is that?” and tried to get a closer look. Still unable to identify the pen, I looked down in the descriptions. Luckily for me, the OP tagged Pokka ...

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Repurpose Beef Jerky Bags For Water Storage

beef jerky bag water storage

Reuse your beef jerky bags to carry water in a pinch! This one isn’t so much for your average everyday carry enthusiast, but is something that might appeal to more of the crossover EDC to Prepper community. Most people don’t even worry about whether there’s going to be water around. Chances are that you just go into a store and ...

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Cyalume ChemLights – Is Carrying Glow Sticks Worth It?

military cyalume chemlights

Thoughts On Cyalume Chemlights [Glow Sticks] Cheap Glow sticks can be found at dollar stores across America. These cheap versions of the cyalume chemlight are usually four inches in length and will last around four hours. The chemlights that you get in emergency kits, army surplus stores and in places like Walmart are usually six to eight inches in length and ...

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Everyday Carry Body Cams: Should You Have One In Your EDC?

XANES T69 Infrared Night Vision Body Cam

Protect Yourself Legally With A Body Cam. There’s the saying, “No pictures, no proof” which simply means that if you don’t have photos or video, whatever you said happened, didn’t happen because you can’t prove it. That’s why we’re looking at cheap body cameras to add to your everyday carry. In a world where fights and shootings can break out ...

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Pocket Dump: M/26/Music Event Production, IT Technician, DJ

M 26 Music Event Production IT Technician DJ

Reddit user, burniemcburn, works in the music industry in event audio technician and DJ when the chance arises. He’s laid out his gear for us to peek at, and it’s a very nice layout indeed. Of course The Shure SE-215 IEMs are no surprise, and the three adaptors are there when the need arises. Car Key: VW Golf Wallet: 2016 ...

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Whirl-Pak 1 Liter Bags For Water Storage and Portability In Your EDC

Nasco Whirl Pak 1 Litre Water Bag Review

If You Don’t Carry Whirl-Pak Bags You Should. Whirl-Pak Bags are the ideal, low-profile solution to water portability problems with your everyday carry gear. Whirl Pak 1 liter bags fold down to almost nothing, so you can take a bunch with you to gather and save water when needed. While the bags, made by Nasco, are seen more commonly in ...

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Elan Field Book: A Cheap Alternative To Field Notes

edc pocket notebook field book elan publishing company

Field Book Pocket Notebooks 5 for $9.99 Field Notes pocket notebooks are pretty expensive when you go through two a month. I’m always on the hunt for something more cost effective, and recently I came across the Elan Publishing Company¬†Field Book (stk# elan-fn-001b). These nice pocket notebooks come in a set of five for $9.99 and offer 24 sheets / ...

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