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Everyday Carry Body Cams: Should You Have One In Your EDC?

XANES T69 Infrared Night Vision Body Cam

Protect Yourself Legally With A Body Cam. There’s the saying, “No pictures, no proof” which simply means that if you don’t have photos or video, whatever you said happened, didn’t happen because you can’t prove it. That’s why we’re looking at cheap body cameras to add to your everyday carry. In a world where fights and shootings can break out ...

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Pocket Dump: M/26/Music Event Production, IT Technician, DJ

M 26 Music Event Production IT Technician DJ

Reddit user, burniemcburn, works in the music industry in event audio technician and DJ when the chance arises. He’s laid out his gear for us to peek at, and it’s a very nice layout indeed. Of course The Shure SE-215 IEMs are no surprise, and the three adaptors are there when the need arises. Car Key: VW Golf Wallet: 2016 ...

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Whirl-Pak 1 Liter Bags For Water Storage and Portability In Your EDC

Nasco Whirl Pak 1 Litre Water Bag Review

If You Don’t Carry Whirl-Pak Bags You Should. Whirl-Pak Bags are the ideal, low-profile solution to water portability problems with your everyday carry gear. Whirl Pak 1 liter bags fold down to almost nothing, so you can take a bunch with you to gather and save water when needed. While the bags, made by Nasco, are seen more commonly in ...

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Elan Field Book: A Cheap Alternative To Field Notes

edc pocket notebook field book elan publishing company

Field Book Pocket Notebooks 5 for $9.99 Field Notes pocket notebooks are pretty expensive when you go through two a month. I’m always on the hunt for something more cost effective, and recently I came across the Elan Publishing Company¬†Field Book (stk# elan-fn-001b). These nice pocket notebooks come in a set of five for $9.99 and offer 24 sheets / ...

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Maxpedition Daily Essentials (DEP) Everyday Carry Pouch

thumb Maxpedition Daily Essentials DEP Everyday Carry Pouch front

Maxpedition Daily Essentials Pouch Overview. When you make sure that you have the things you need with you, it can be hard to find the right pouch to put them in. This is especially true when you are one of those people that like to carry a bit of everything… A knife, flashlight, a bit of first aid and medications, ...

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Nebo Lil Larry 6373 Work Light 250 Lumens White/Red LED

thumb NEBO LiL Larry Work Light

Nebo Lil Larry 250 Lumens Work Light. I saw the Lil Larry at the same time I got the LEO, but decided not to get it at the time. I should have because I went right back the next day and picked it up. The Lil Larry is a side mounted COB LED worklight that puts a whole lot of ...

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