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Repurpose Beef Jerky Bags For Water Storage

beef jerky bag water storage

Reuse your beef jerky bags to carry water in a pinch! This one isn’t so much for your average everyday carry enthusiast, but is something that might appeal to more of the crossover EDC to Prepper community. Most people don’t even worry about whether there’s going to be water around. Chances are that you just go into a store and ...

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Cyalume ChemLights – Is Carrying Glow Sticks Worth It?

military cyalume chemlights

Thoughts On Cyalume Chemlights [Glow Sticks] Cheap Glow sticks can be found at dollar stores across America. These cheap versions of the cyalume chemlight are usually four inches in length and will last around four hours. The chemlights that you get in emergency kits, army surplus stores and in places like Walmart are usually six to eight inches in length and ...

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