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30/m/CND Urban Development by Halifornialove

Halifornialove 1600

We love to see clean and neat EDC bag dumps! Everything here has a purpose, and as far as Everyday carry is concerned, everything you’d need to get through a work day (minus food and drink). We’re not in love with Mag lights or wallet multi-tools, but hey, if they’re you’re thing, by all means, carry! We do however, really ...

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Submit Your Bag Dump

submit your edc dump

SUBMIT TO US! No, Nothing kinky… there’s Xhamster for that. Submit your EDC or Pocket Dump. [Submit Here] Submit Your EDC / Pocket Dump Got a cool loadout you want to share? Submit a photo and list out the items in the dump and we’ll post it for you.  Submit Now!

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Fenix PD35


Fenix PD35 2014 Edition 960 Lumen CREE XM-L2 U2 LED Tactical Flashlight Now, Fenix PD35, the best-selling model is upgraded to 960 lumens. Are compact size and mighty output really mutually exclusive? Not in the case of PD35 2014. Weighting only 87 grams and less than 14 centimeters long, PD35 delivers a stunning 960-lumen maximum output from one 18650 battery. ...

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20/M/NY/Student by bringtharain

bringtharain 1

Reddit user, bringtharain, posted his EDC Backpack dump for all of us to see. Check out the loadout! We’re big fans of both the Fisher Space Pens and Moleskin Cahier Notebooks, and we also have to say that the ThorFire PF0 isn’t a bad EDC light either. We do kind of question the need for the Zebra F-301 as he already ...

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28/M/IT/AUS by visceralintricacy

visceralintricacy 1600

EDC Style and Function all in one! Usually we see Everyday Carry loadouts that are one or the other. Some are built for style, but really don’t have much function, and then on the flip side of the coin, there’s the bags that are all fuction and no style. We’re not saying one is right and the other is wrong, ...

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EDC Gear

urban edc by vagabond

Find EDC Gear Add to your current EDC! Shop for the latest and greatest EDC products. [SHOP NOW] Add To Your Collection Find new EDC and personal carry gear over at the shop to add to your current carry. Latest Name brands and styles available with more added daily! Browse Now!

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26/M/Multi Client Sysadmin by DSIN89


Fairly simple but I’m looking for input/suggestions mainly for the amount of keys that I am carrying. At the moment they’re all just on a small carabiner but it proves to be bulky/annoying depending which client site I’m at for the day. Because some of the keys are non-standard, it makes picking a key holding solution somewhat tough. Not in ...

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M/54/Internet Forum Moderator

september featured EDC

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New To Everyday Carry? Start Here


What Is An Everyday Carry? It all begins with thinking about the things you carry every day already. Chances are you grab the following items on your way out the door: keys phone wallet and maybe a watch Everyone has things that they carry every day, it’s just that most people don’t think about it because it has become a ...

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Bag Dumps

EDC by thisisalexbeck

EDC Bag Dumps See other people’s everyday carry items in these awesome bag dumps. Check Them Out Here… What’s In The Baaaaaag??? I would have put a gratitious Brad Pit Meme here if I’d had the space, but FML. Check out what other people are carrying everyday to get ideas and comment! See ‘Em All!

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