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Gerber Paraframe

gerber paraframe

Gerber 22-48446 Paraframe I Knife For some, KISS, or “Keep It Simple Stoopid” isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life. When it’s time to just go back to the basics or when you just need a trusty knife, reach for the Gerber Paraframe. It just feels sturdy in the hand, and you know that the business end of ...

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Field Notes Kraft Ruled Pocket 3-Pack

field notes pocket 3pack

Field Notes Kraft Ruled Pocket Notebooks are perfect for anytime! Field Notes, Original Kraft Ruled 3-Pack contains 3 ruled memo pads in the Original Field Notes design. Perfect for notes, doodles or whatever else inspires you! These are the original 48-page memo books, available in four variations, or a mixed 3-Pack. Each book measures 3-1/2” wide by 5-1/2” tall and is ...

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DQG Fairy / DQG Spy Micro EDC Flashlight 200 Lumens

DQG Fairy LED Micro Flashlight

The DQG Fairy (DQG Spy) is a micro LED Flashlight that's perfect for situations where space is very limited but you need a good, reliable flashlight for everyday carry. This ultra small flashlight measures just 1.18 inches (30mm) long but puts out a whopping 200 lumens on high. The flashlight is made of brass and you can get one with or without a tritium vial in the base. The tritium lasts 25 years without the need for rechaging as standard glow in the dark items would require.

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M258 A1 Decontamination Kit [Cheap Waterproof Box]

M258A1 Decon Kit sm

Cheap Waterproof Containers – M258 Decon Kit: $5.00 I stumbled across the M2581A1 Decontamination Kit at the local Army Surplus store this past week. It’s a military chemical decontamination kit used up to roughly 2001, and you can easily find these kits online. Most of the sources that I see are selling the weatherproof boxes without the kit, and that’s exactly ...

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Pelican 1910 106 Lumen AAA Flashlight

Pelican 1910 106 Lumen Flashlight [Black] The Pelican 1910 is a small AAA flashlight that’s about 2cm longer than the the Streamlight Microstream. Pelican, best known for their rugged gear cases, also makes some really nice flashlights. While none of the Pelican flashlights are tactical per se, I really like that the Pelican 1910 puts out over 40% more light ...

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MRF Tools SmartRuler 2.0

mrf smartruler 2 sm

MRF Smartruler 2.0: A TSA Safe Wallet Sized Drawing Tool… And So Much More! Last month, the MRF Smartruler 2.0 came in. MRF is a Ukrainian manufacturing company that’s well known for their high quality wallet tools within the Everyday Carry community, and the Smartruler 2.0 is the newest addition to their card tool lineup. It’s A Drawing Tool that ...

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Blackwing Slate Review

blackwing slate notebook 9

  I still love writing with pen, pencil and paper. Many people call it “Analog” writing. No Batteries. No Charging. Blackout Proof. What’s not to like? For me, I’ve carried many notebooks over the years, but the Blackwing Slate (dot grid style) is the best I’ve used. It even comes with the legendary Blackwing 602 pencil in a holder in the spine, so ...

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Anker PowerCore II 20000 Portable Battery Pack

anker powercore 2 20000 portable charger

Ever left your phone at home? How about having a dead phone half way through the day? Being left “exposed and naked” without juice isn’t fun, and your smartphone becomes little more than a brick in your pocket. The Anker PowerCore II 20000 is a 20000mAh portable battery charger that has the ability to recharge an iPhone 6 three to five times, and a Galaxy Note ...

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