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12 Essential Medications To Carry In Your Everyday Carry

coming down with cold

Besides for having some kind of first aid kit in your everyday carry bag, having some basic medications right at hand when you need them can also be a real lifesaver. Whether it’s cold or flu season, or that mysterious allergic reaction that just hit you, when you have exactly what you need makes life so much better and easier. ...

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How To Use Your Watch As A Compass

how to use watch as compass

You Don’t Need That Compass Watch! Its quite possible that you don’t need to buy that expensive compass watch you’ve been looking at for the past couple months. In fact, you can use just about any watch to figure out the compass directions pretty easily.  While you usually can just position the sun as east or west of where you’re ...

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Best $20 Knife: The Higo No Kami Japanese Handmade Knife

Higo No Kami Knife review

It’s not easy to find truly handmade knives anymore. Most knives are mass produced in factories and really nothing to write home about. The Higo No Kami Knife, on the other hand is a knife that has a rich and deep history that epitomizes the Japanese culture and traditions. For $20, A Knife like this is just too good to ...

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I Now Carry An FPV Drone In My Everyday Carry

landvo jjrc h8d fpv drone

FPV Drones should be a EDC Essential in 2016. Camera drones in general are extremely useful, even if you do happen to buy a toy drone. Not only are they tons of fun to fly for the whole family, they also have many practical uses, and besides for getting a few for the kids, I got one that actually could ...

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End Of November Everyday Carry Update

every day carry 11262016

We’re coming down to the end of November, and into the Holiday season. It’s the time when we’re all going places, visiting family and seeing old friends again. While this is more of a Personal Carry layout than an EDC bag dump, It’s changed over the past couple months. I have stopped wearing the cargo pants so much, and am ...

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How To Get The Right Binoculars

how to choose your binoculars

  I don’t usually carry binoculars everyday, but they are definitely one of the things that I keep in my car. I usually grab them when the family and I go out for walks in the woods and when I go hiking around, but other than that, the only other times that I pull them out is when there might ...

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Stay Hydrated This Summer with Collapsible Water Bottles

Vapur Element Collapsible Water Bottles

Summer in almost upon us, and staying hydrated is always important. We’ve been to the zoo many times last summer, and without fail, you’d an emergency where someone just dropped or got really dizzy from heat exaustion. The loss of body fluids can sneak up on you, for sure, but one thing you should consider carrying in your everyday carry ...

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Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch

condor ma16 front 2

My Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch Goes Everywhere With Me! It’s no secret. I like being able to move my Everyday Carry gear to whatever backpack or bag I will be carrying for the day.  While I’ve tried many pouches and bags to carry the EDC items, I’ve found that the Condor MA16 Pocket Pouch is perfect for me, and the things ...

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The “Trekker” Fisher Space Pen

trekker fisher space pen review

Trekker Space Pen Review: The Ideal Pen To Carry Everyday. I’ve had many different pens in my EDC. I’ve carried everything from Moleskin Notebook pens to your average, run of the mill, Bic pens, but none of those writing instruments became a permanent solution to my writing needs, as the Trekker Space Pen has. Fisher Space Pens offers some of ...

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Everyday Carry Altoids Tin Mini Smalls

altoid smalls edc contents packed

The Altoids tin is one of the best, and least expensive ways to store and carry small objects. I have used these little tins for years to hold small things like computer screws, nuts and bolts, fishing hooks and sinkers, and a lot of other stuff, but just recently, I completed one of the things that I’ve always wanted to ...

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