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W8 1080P Action Camera Review

w8 sport camera

It really was an impulse purchase. The W8 Action Camera was selling for about $40 on Amazon, and I just got it because it was cheap, and also, I wanted to pack a camera in my backpack that would come with me everywhere. The train of thought was this: The action camera is smaller and lighter than a regular point ...

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The Value Of Carrying A Small Notebook and Space Pen

notebooks and pens

Ever wish you had a notebook or something to write down a phone number or note on? How many times has this happened… I got a call from my boss about 1pm. I’d just been on the job for a few weeks at the time. He wanted me to do a number of things, a few of which were to ...

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How To Assemble A Modular EDC Bag

coghlans pouch dump

I got into “Everyday Carry” as a lifestyle back in April 2014 when I stumbled across Patriot36’s YouTube channel late one night. I already was carrying the things that I needed with me, such as a multitool, flashlight and knife, for example, but I didn’t know there was a name for it. After watching the “EDC Backpack” series he did, I realized ...

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Do You Really Need Those Emergency Food Rations?

food storage shelves1

Sure, Just like anyone else, I like the thought of being stocked on food in case there was a disaster, but today at lunch, as I was opening a can of Meijer Chicken to toss in the Lipton Dry Chicken Noodle Soup, I noticed that the due date on the chicken was May 12, 2018, and I bought six of ...

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What Goes Into An EDC Bag?

EDC pouches and modules

Putting together an EDC Bag isn’t hard, but it does take thinking and forethought. An Everyday Carry Bag is something that you’ll be carrying around everyday, and if done correctly, will have at least 80% of the things that you’ll need at any time during the day. There are many different approaches to putting together an EDC Bag, and the ...

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Aukmont Vintage Canvas Backpack

Aukmont 19 Liter Canvas Backpack

The Aukmont Vintage Canvas Backpack Is Perfect For A Low Profile Everyday Carry Backpack One of the things that I have to say is that I am all in favor of blending in with the crowd. From day to day, in many ways it’s better to get in and out without people really noticing or remembering. When it comes to ...

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A Clean Personal Carry


Jeremy is one of those people that likes a certain style, and we’d have to say that he’s got really good taste in everyday carry. The Ti2 Sentenel S4S caught our eye initally, but the Hinderer XM-18 is really nice! Even the Prometheus Writes is a beauty. I think we’re done here. Excellent dump. Fishbone Piranha Mas design k80 nitecore ...

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Food Service Essentials

Tenderloin steak

Food service is one of the hardest professions to be in. My name’s Tom Wilde, and I am a chef and foodie, and honored to guest blog here on the Everyday Carry. While my general manager told me I cannot disclose which Chicago restaurant that I work at, It is one of the busier upscale places you can go. I ...

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Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer

Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer

The Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer: EDC Essentials Day 2 The Maxpedition EDC Pocket Organizer is perfect for those who prefer to optimize their everyday carry by only carrying what’s needed for that moment. There’s nothing better than having all your everyday carry items organized and stashed neatly away. In a previous post, I illustrated my Coghlan’s three bag EDC system that I ...

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EDC Bag Dump 26/M/Systems Administrator

EDC Bag Dump

Systems Administrators, and those in IT in general are pretty fascinating people when it comes to EDC Bag Dumps (I should know, I’m one of them). Some are equipped to the gills, while others like to keep it simple. mrh3llman from Reddit appears to be of the latter crowd. His Bag Dump contains just enough to be purposeful, yet not enough ...

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