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Gerber Artifact Review

gerber artifact open

The Gerber Artifact has been a wonderful keychain tool. While most of the time it does stay on my keychain, I’ve found quite a few uses for it. During the last 30 days, I’ve kept track of everything I’ve had to pull it off the keychain for in my Moleskine Cahier just for this post. The Artifact is attached to the ...

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Comet tanner

Reddit user, Comet_tanner, posted his personal carry, and it’s a fine set of items he has, isn’t it. The Spyderco Slysz Bowie is an excellent knife for just about any personal carry, the Field Notes Journal and Koh-I-Noor Leadholder add a tasteful touch. We love the Minnesota Leatherworks card holder. It’s a great way to make a lasting impression. 

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21W Anker PowerPort Solar Charger Review

21 Watt Anker Solar PowerPort

Having power on the go is nice, but being able to charge up when no other means are available… That’s essential! I’ve wanted to have a good solar charger for a long time and had my eye on the Goal Zero Nomad 20 for a while, but at it’s $199 price tag, it was just too expensive for my budget. ...

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What Level Of Everyday Carry Do You Fall In?

minimal everyday carry

Everyday Carry is nothing more than what you carry everyday, and like most things, this can vary widely from person to person. There are thousands of people out there who really are into everyday carry, and lots of them willingly take photos of their carry to show it off, give others ideas on stuff they could carry and receive comments ...

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An Engineer’s Everyday Carry


metamonology laid out his everyday carry and it’s very nice. Armed with a Moleskine Notebook and Ball Point Pen, he’s ready to jot down any note that comes his way. The phone and wallet are essentials and of course, keys to get into the house. It all adds up to be a very nice everyday carry. iPhone 5S Dodocase Durables sleeve ...

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How To Keep Your Lighter Dry

Exotac Firesleeve

Having sure fire, even in the pouring rain is extremely important. Smokers will vouch for that statement! I have thankfully never needed to start a fire for survival purposes, but know that my lighter will work even under the most rainy conditions is something I thankfully don’t have to worry about. The Exotec Firesleeve, found on Huckleberry is perfect for ...

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10 Best Everyday Carry Knives For Your EDC

gerber paraframe 2

The Top 10 EDC Knives of 2018 Having a dedicated Everyday Carry Knife is nothing short of essential. It’s one of those everyday carry items you’ll find yourself reaching for more than you’d ever think you would. From opening Amazon boxes that come in the mail (YAAAY!) to those blister packs you get accessories at Best Buy in, an everyday ...

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Best Keychain Flashlights

MecArmy SGN3

I like having a flashlight with me at all times. Keychain Flashlights are conveniently small, and are carried usually on a keychain or in a pocket due to their small size.  I prefer to carry mine in my pocket so it’s always with me as opposed to putting it on my keychain where I might leave it across the house. ...

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Why Do You Everyday Carry?

Whats in your everyday carry

Someone asked me the question today, “What’s Everyday Carry?” As usual, my answer was short and sweet: “Its the stuff that you carry around everyday either out of necessity, or to make life better.” They looked perplexed for a moment, looking at my EDC bag and everything dumped out and sorted on the desk at work. “Why are there all ...

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A Zombie Apocalypse in the “Real” World

zombie apocalyse survival

What Would You Carry If The Zombie Apocalypse Really Did Happen? Most of us like imagine how easy it will be to navigate through the zombie apocalypse without a care in the world. However a real life zombie apocalypse would leave us all crying for our momma’s (just as long as she’s not trying to eat your face off). So we’ve come ...

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