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About The Everyday Carry

I put this page off in lieu of writing the more exciting and informative articles on this site for nearly a week now and it’s been a wild ride!

This is the second site that I’ve created concerning everyday carry, and while it’s just myself that manages and writes for this site right now on a regular basis, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I wanted to create a site that had some of the same features as others on this topic, but it’s more than just posting up other people’s bag dumps. Anyone can create a tumblr site and do that. I wanted to accomplish something even better. A lavish, robust site where you can learn, get ideas and hopefully soon, contribute to the growth of this ever changing passion.

Everyday Carry has grown in popularity over the past year, and I was one that was totally caught up in the scene. I have that huge impractical tactical bag that you just can’t carry anywhere, and I also have plenty of knives, lighters and a whole box of stuff that was in my EDC at one time or another. While my EDC has become a lot more practical since I do carry it everyday, and weight is a major factor, I blog about some of the items you will want to have in any EDC as well as those you might not want. 

edc dadShawn, The Everyday Carry Admin

Shawn is a 40 year old father of four and is married to one. He’s an IT guy by day and avid web developer and blogger at night after family time, dinner and after the wife and kids go to bed. Shawn will ususally be found up until two or three in the morning tinkering with his own EDC, trying new products and blogging about everyday carry topics as a whole.

Located in Michigan, Shawn loves waterfront areas near Traverse City where he and his family vacation, camping and hiking in the Upper Peninsula and long walks on the beach with his Fenix TK76.

Fact: He’s owns seven EDC bags, switching off according to mood, and will sometimes disappear into the bathroom with his tablet to read uninterrupted.

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