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A Zombie Apocalypse in the “Real” World

What Would You Carry If The Zombie Apocalypse Really Did Happen?

Most of us like imagine how easy it will be to navigate through the zombie apocalypse without a care in the world. However a real life zombie apocalypse would leave us all crying for our momma’s (just as long as she’s not trying to eat your face off). So we’ve come up with real life ways in how the zombie apocalypse would absolutely suck as well as some simple items that you can get today that would make the ordeal a lot less…sucky. Of course over at Escape From Zombies we tend to get advice that is a bit different than the normal zombie survival guide does.

So the lights are going to go out, the fresh food is going to run out, the water could be tainted, and that’s just within the first few months…oh don’t forget about winter coming up. Want some good news? Here it is. You have time to prepare for all of this! You can be ready when it happens and survive the zombie apocalypse. We’ll start with the absolutely necessary items and then we can expand on that at a later time so to not overwhelm you. Even with the necessary items there are some that you will need right away while others you can put off for a bit so you can focus on your immediate situation (like avoiding zombies) and then plan for other ones with a calm cool head that won’t get turned into zombie food.

The Rule of Three’s

You must address the rule of three’s and make sure you are covered with those first. If you aren’t familiar with the rules of three’s it goes like this. In any extreme situation you cannot survive for more than: 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. This is actually more of a guideline to help you get your priorities in order when the SHTF. We are sure some of you can go longer in some situations but I think it’s easier to remember the 3’s instead of “The rule of mostly 3s but some 4s and one 5”.

3 minutes without air. Air is a lot like sex, you don’t think about it too much unless you haven’t been getting any for a while…then it becomes a crisis. Is the zombie virus spread through air or direct contact? You won’t know for a while so it’s better to be safe than…dead. We recommend getting a respirator a lot like what painters use to do an inside job. AMAZON LINK

POWER OUTAGE – It’s going to happen. You can count on it like you can the changing of the season…speaking of which how will you stay warm in the winter. We got you covered literally with the next tip.

3 hours without shelter. You can’t possible know where you’ll be when the SHTF. We all hope to be on a sunny beach surrounded by plenty of food, water, and shelter and lots of attractive people of the opposite sex…or same sex (we don’t judge).

Realistically you’ll be in your vehicle trapped in bumper to bumper traffic surrounded by exhaust fumes, gravel, and plenty of morons that don’t know how to use a blinker. There may come a time when you’ll need to leave your vehicle and go off on foot to escape the zombies. When that time comes trust that you’ll have the supplies and knowledge you need to make a shelter when you need to. We don’t go anywhere without our Mylar Emergency Blanket. Not only can you make a shelter out of it but here are11 more uses that could save your life.

NO WATER – Ever tried to make Kool aide with milk? It doesn’t make it a milkshake like my older brother swore it did when we were growing up…. I was a gullible child.

3 days without water. Most people will think of food right off the bat but you can go longer without food than you can water. Clean drinking water is one of the most important factors you will need to overcome fairly fast. You can start stockpiling bottled water at your convenience but eventually you’ll run out or you’ll run out of places to store it. For water we’d recommend getting a “LifeStraw” for sure. A Time Magazine “Invention of the Year” winner, LifeStraw is the most advanced, compact, ultralight personal water filter available. LifeStraw contains no chemicals or iodinated resin, no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out. Lifestraw is so good at what it does, you can drink directly from streams or puddles and it’ll clear out all the gunk for you.

FOOD SUPPLY RUNS OUT – No you can’t go through the drive through because someone took a bulldozer and made the entire restaurant a “drive through”. Plus he stole all the edible food too.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival

3 weeks without food. Going three weeks without food would make you regret every bite you’ve ever thrown away in your life. If you plan for food now you’ll be able to make more logical decisions when the SHTF and every decision won’t be based on “can I eat it or will it eat me?”. You can pick up a week or two worth of MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) before hand and be able to bunker down and stay safe while everything outside burns all to heck. If you think about it you’ll only need to get three weeks’ worth to outlive the morons who didn’t prepare for this. Add some protein bars and a massive can of peanut butter for those days when MRE’s just aren’t cutting it.

Now that you have the basics taken care of you’ll want to get some stuff that will make you feel all warm and cozy on the inside and just might help your mental psyche adjust to what a hell on earth it’s going to be for the future of mankind.

Start off by being comfortable in your own body so get some good all weather clothing. Sturdy boots, wool socks, pants that aren’t blue jeans, a mix of long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, a water proof jacket, warm long underwear, a hat and some bandanas…Yes Bandanas.

A fully stocked first aid kit with a tooth brush, some baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and Chap Stick.

Of course there are plenty of weapons to choose from but we say go with what you have trained with. There’s no reason to go out and get throwing axes if can’t stick them in the side of barn from a foot away. Sure they’ll make you look like a badass but only until someone calls your bluff…and zombies always call your bluff. Same goes with guns. Sure the bigger guns look cooler but if you can shoot better with .22 squirrel rifle than you can AK47 go with the .22.

  • Get a tactical flashlight for bugging out at night.
  • Solar charger for anything electrical that you’ll want to keep on using (phone, computer, survalence equipment, anything electrical)
  • Throw in some battery packs too just in case you are on the move and away from home base
  • An EDC tool is always handy.  Pick one that has enough tools that would give a hobo an hardon.  One of our favorites would be the SOG B66N-CP PowerAssist MultiTool
  • At least three separate tools to start a fire.  Like waterproof matches, lighter, optical, flints, magnesium, or anything else.

Obscene amounts of duct tape and paracord but you may not want to buy these together…or if you do tell them it’s for the upcoming zombie apocalypse and that you are NOT building a rape kit.

So what happens if you get all of this stuff together and the zombies don’t come? Then you are still prepared for anything. Hurricane, blizzard, drought, marshal law, tornado, or any other natural disaster, you name it you’ll be ready for it. If you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse you are prepared for anything!

Thank you to our friends at Escape From Zombies for this wonderful, informative and also entertaining guest post! If you’re into Zombies or the Apocalypse, then you have gotta check out their site!


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