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Best Watches Under $30 To Give For Christmas Presents


Digital Watches Under $30

Starting off with cheap digital watches, we’re looking for the watches that offer the most for the lowest prices. I’ve chosen Casio because let’s face it: Casio has refined the art of making an inexpensive watch that is pack with features and still maintains a really high quality.

Casio AE1200 & AE1000 World Time Watches – $14-$30

casio world time watches

These two watches are at the top of the list for good reason. First, they have the most features that you can get in a watch for about $16 USD. They are pretty much identical in every aspect other than one is a round watch and the other is square. At the top of the feature list, you have a world time watch. It’s perfect for jet setters and people that love to travel. Since it’s so inexpensive, it is a great watch to hang from your carry-on bag or backpack. The next feature that has this watch standing out from the rest is that it offers 5 alarms. Most other watches have between one and three. The two extra alarms are great for those who need to be reminded of things often. The watches are water resistant to 100 meters and they’re really quite durable.

AE1200 – Square Watch $15 | AE1000 – Round Watch – $19

Casio CA53W-1 Calculator Watch – $20

Casio CA53W 1 Calculator Watch

This watch is pretty iconic. If the person you’re giving the watch to grew up in the 80’s, this is gonna be a blast from the past. Icon Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) wore one in Back to the Future. At any rate, the watch focuses on it’s calculator function, but also has Stop Watch and Dual Time modes. NOTE: This is not the Databank model. If you want one that has the databank, see below.

Buy via Amazon – $20

Casio DBC32-1A Data Bank Watch – $26

Casio DBC32 1A

The databank watch has all the features of the CA53W-1 Calculator Watch, but with the additional functionality of the databank. For another $6, might as well get this one unless the person the watch is for is one of those people that prefer the classic look. This databank watch looks different than the originals, so it would be better suited for someone that just likes cool gadgets.

Buy via Amazon – $26

Casio W735H-8AVCF Super Illuminator Watch – $26


Perhaps this gift watch is for someone that habitually breaks things… Or it could be for one that’s into a rugged, tough look. The Casio Super Illuminator isn’t technically a G-Shock watch, but it might as well be. It’s best feature is the vibrating alarm function, and it’s perfect for people that are in meetings alot. The alarm won’t draw unwanted attention from the other members of the meeting.

Buy Via Amazon – $26

Ani-Digi Dual Face Watches

Ani-Digi watches give the user the best of both worlds. Classic analog watch style with the features found in most digital watches. We’ve rounded up some of the best ani-digi watches that are priced less than $30, and make some really nice Christmas watches.

Casio HDC-700-3AVCF Ani-Digi Watch – $22

Casio HDC 700 3AVCF

The HDC-700-3AVCF is one of those timepieces that just looks great. It’s tough style balanced with functionality, this Casio offers world time, dual time, 3 alarms, stopwatch and timer. As you’d expect, this watch is water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), and has a 10-year battery. If you’re not sure whether you should get an analog watch or a digital watch for a gift, This watch is one of the best entry-level ani-digi watches you can get for about $20.

Buy via Amazon – $22

Casio AEQ-110W World Time Watch – $24

casio AEQ 110W

This watch is also similar to the G-Shock line and features world time, a telememo bank, and three alarms. It’s a great gift for clumsy people or those that like the tough G-Shock look. Since this watch is a hybrid Ani-Digi watch, the secondary time zone will display in the digital round window with your home time on the analog face.

Buy via Amazon – $24

Casio AQS800W-1B2VCF World Time Solar Powered Watch – $29

Casio AQS800W 1B2VCF

Solar powered watches aren’t new, but it’s incredibly convenient to never need to replace a battery. For a waterproof watch such as this, it means that you never have to open the watch and risk not putting it back together right. Perfect for those that love Analog watches, but also want the functionality found in a digital watch.

Buy via Amazon – $29

 Classic Analog Watches

Classic watches might not have all the bells and whistles that a digital watch might have, but at the same time, there’s just something about that classic style that really has its own appeal. In analog watches, we look for great style, accuracy and durability, and we’ve settled on many watches in the Timex lineup. They meet all our needs and make a perfectly acceptable gift for just about anyone.

Timex T20491 35MM watch – $15

Timex Mens T20491

For classic style at a truly affordable price, the Timex Men’s T20491 watch is the perfect watch for gift giving. The watch features a clean, standard dial, but as with all Timex watches here, it has the Indiglo backlight so the watch can be viewed at night.

Buy via Amazon – $15

Timex Weekender TW2R10700 – $24

Timex Weekender TW2R10700

The timex weekender is the stylish watch that goes well with just about any business or casual outfit. If you’re not sure what style the person prefers, then this is a good, safe watch to get as a gift. It has the Indiglo backlight and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Buy via Amazon – $24

Timex Expedition T42571 – $30

Timex Mens T42571

While this watch hits the upper limits of our budget watches under $30, it’s a fantastic watch, and worth every penny. This classic military “field watch” style is popular among many watch enthusiasts. It’s backlit for night time viewing, and has the date window at the 3 o’clock position.

Buy via Amazon – $30

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