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Corsair Survivor USB Drive Kid Tested

Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drives And USB Drive Encryption

This is my Niece. The Corsair Stealth Survivor USB Drive Survived Her Teething Habit

Corsair Survivor USB Drive Kid Tested

I’ve had a lot of USB drives die on me over the years.

Some got water damaged when I accidentally ran them through the wash. Others were crushed in a parking lot (no joke… really happened). Some of them were cheap and data got corrupted.

Anyone that has used USB drives for any amount of time knows exactly what I’m talking about.

One Tough USB Drive

The Stealth Survivor USB Drive just looks like a tough cookie, and it’s built like one too. The outer shell of this amazing thumb drive is made of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and built to resist the abuse of regular use in an everyday carry. The shell unscrews to expose the USB drive attached to the cap when you need to use it.

Both ends have rubber shock dampening collars that can be removed if you desire, but they do protect the drive should you drop it or it gets into a small fender bender.

Inside the USB drive’s cap, you’ll find a rubber O-ring that seals out dirt and moisture.

In fact, the Corsair Stealth drive is waterproof down to 200M through the use of its EPDM waterproof seal.

The USB Drive supports Microsoft Windows 7+, Mac OS X and most Linux systems, with no driver or software installation needed, however, becareful of how you format the drive. Choose Fat32 or EXFat if you want the drive to be compatible on all Operating Systems (more about drive formats here).

The drive is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations, and the drives come either in a grey housing with black accents, or all black. Check Current Prices Here

The drive employes your run-of-the-mill USB Standard-A connector that works with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, so using the USB drive on any machine within the last 10 years shouldn’t be an issue.

Encrypting The USB Drive

The Corsair Stealth Survivor does not come with data encryption, but we’re going to fix that.

One of the biggest worries for anyone is that if you’re putting sensitive data on a USB drive, it could get lost and picked up by someone.

Worst case scenerio, the sensitive data is leaked.

I use a program called VeraCrypt.

It’s an advanced data encryption program that uses some of the latest technology to encrypt data. It’s so advanced, you can actually create encrypted “containers” inside of other encrypted containers.

The reasoning behind this is that if you were ever to be forced to open an encrypted container, you could open the one that has non-sensitive data rather than the one that is hidden inside. Since there is no way to tell which one you’ve opened and exposed, there’s plausible deniability, and you can keep the sensitive data truly secure.

“The only way to recover your files is to try to “crack” the password or the key, but it could take thousands or millions of years (depending on the length and quality of the password or keyfiles, on the software/hardware performance, algorithms, and other factors).” – Veracrypt Homepage

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, more about VeraCrypt Here

Anyway, I have started encrypting all the drives I have with Veracrypt, not just the Corsair, but it sure feels good knowing that the data is protected better than DOD standards!


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