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Elan Field Book: A Cheap Alternative To Field Notes

Field Book Pocket Notebooks 5 for $9.99

Field Notes pocket notebooks are pretty expensive when you go through two a month. I’m always on the hunt for something more cost effective, and recently I came across the Elan Publishing Company Field Book (stk# elan-fn-001b).

These nice pocket notebooks come in a set of five for $9.99 and offer 24 sheets / 48 pages per book. It’s just $2 per book as opposed to the $3.33 per Field Notes book. Overall, the quality is very comparable and durability is every bit as good as the Field Notes brand.

When you go through two pocket notebooks a month or more as I do, buying Field Notes and Moleskine pocket notebooks gets pretty costly. When you only get three, you find that you go through them quickly. The Field Book pocket notebook by the Elan Publishing Company is a very comparable notebook in almost every way to the Field Notes brand pocket notebook.

It’s a 3.5″ x 5.5″ notebook that has 24 sheets (48 pages) of grid, dot grid or lined paper.

Cheap Alternative to Field Notes Pocket Notebooks

The Field Book notebooks cost $9.99 on Amazon for a pack of five. I personally like having more notebooks for the price, and it saves me from placing a new order ever month! I can get through two months of use before worring about getting another set. Essentially, you save $1.33 per notebook!

The Notebooks work as well as field notes do unprotected in your pocket, but if you get yourself a notebook cover, the Field Book stays pretty clean and neat easily.


Field Book Pocket Notebooks pack of five


Field Book Pocket Notebooks cover

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