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Everyday Carry Gear Should Be A Personal Choice

Everyday Carry Gear is a deeply personal and situational choice.

I’ve seen a lot of similar edc dumps lately. Just about everyone has the Field Note journals, Fisher Space Pens and so on. Your Everyday Carry gear should be personalized for you. Just because a slew of other people are using something in their everyday carry, doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for you. Your EDC Gear should fit your unique situation in life, and be able to meet the need whenever called for.

It’s Your Everyday Carry – Personalize It.

Jonathan is a friend of mine, and he’s a Michigan State Trooper. He started off using the field notes journals because he saw that everyone else on Reddit was using them, but he had an issue after just two weeks. They’re nice journals for light use. He needed a notebook that could stand up to the Michigan weather conditions when he pulled people over, he needed something that could take the abuse of sliding in and out of the Police Interceptor Crown Vic. He wanted something that wouldn’t break down after a few uses.

I met Michael a couple years ago he’s a father, like me, and he didn’t want to be seen with a diaper bag. He had no issues carrying around what the baby needed, so he went for a Mil-Spec tactical backpack instead because other people were saying that these bags were really cool. Problem was that it actually too much hassle because he had to remove the bag from the shoulder and go searching for what he needed. A couple months later, he opted for a very “manly” looking messenger bag — which actually looked kind of like a diaper bag anyway because he stuck the bottle in a side pocket.

Everyday Carry Gear Should Fit Your Life

Why would you carry a knife in your everyday carry if you never need one? Why carry pen and notebook if you put everything in your phone?

Your Everyday carry gear needs to fit who you are, what you do and what you’ll use. Carrying around things that you never use is just carrying dead weight. EDC should be the items that you need most often, or would have the hardest time getting through the day without.

Robert, a forum friend carries two guns around all the time. He’s in Information Technology. I’ve never seen a webserver try and make an attempt on anyone’s life (although they can sometimes make you contenplate taking your own life). He’s not even sure he could use them if someone threatened him. Why carry?

I don’t mean to say you should strip your Everyday Carry Gear down to nothing, but reevaluate what you actually need and what’s just dead weight. if you’re unsure, why not leave it in a second bag in the car so that you have it with you, and in most cases, it’s easily accessible (like a small tool kit in the back of my car).

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