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im not a survivalist

Everyday Carry Isn’t Survival. Get It Right!

So I’m going to get up on my soapbox for a second (after I dump out the emergency rations, Pemmican and 5 year water pouches… LOL) and take a stand on something that comes up a lot for those of us that carry dedicated items around as our EDC.

On many occasions, the people at work, at the locations I’m sent to or even out and about on weekends with my family call me a “Survivalist” when they talk to others and referring to me. It’s understandable because almost none of them have even hear the term, “Everyday Carry“. They just know that Survivalists are those “extremists” that are preparing for a total breakdown in social order, law and failure of communications and utilities. Just because I do happen to carry a knife, pen, notebook and a bag that has other items that I want to have with me at all times, does not make me a survivalist.

The biggest difference: I just want to have the things that will get me through the day, not the end of the world.

If shit hits the fan, who cares if you have hair ties for your daughters and wife? No one will give a crap about the Fisher Space Pen in your 5th pocket and no one is going to rob you for that 1TB USB drive in your bag.

That’s the best way of putting it. An Everyday Carry gets you through the day with everything you might need. A Survival Bag is meant to help you survive in a complete crisis situation.

GPIA7R ( on Reddit says is so eloquently:
“It doesn’t necessarily mean “carry everything with you every day.” If people are suggesting that you’re a “survivalist”… then you’re likely carrying the sorts of things that would be associated with that title.

“EDC” isn’t a hobby, or a label, or a group… it’s a term to describe the things you usually carry on a day-to-day basis. Some people carry a lot, some carry only a wallet and keys.”

There’s a subjective line that’s drawn when people see my flashlight, keys, knife and such laid out on my desk at work. Some see just a lot of gadgets, others see a survivalist and a few who know, realize it’s just an EDC.

I really don’t think of myself as a survivalist. I haven’t prepared more than the basics for any kind of survival situation, however, it is an interest that I’m learning more about. My Everyday Carry has a few survival type items in it, such as the Coghlan’s waterproof pouches, the mylar emergency blanket and Sawyer mini with water bags, but then again, why do they never think I’m an avid camper? Funny how that works.


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