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Get A Real EDC Flashlight, Not Your Phone Light

Dedicated EDC Lights Offer So Much More!

We’ve all seen it time and time again… It’s dark out. You might be at a friend’s bonfire, in the basement rummaging around for something or trying to fix something that broke under the dashboard of a car, and what does someone do? You guessed it… They pull out their phone and turn on the phone’s camera flash. Sure. We’ve all done that, and in a pinch, a camera light will help you out in the immediate area, but consider the fact that a cellphone LED is a low power 12-20 lumen light that is only meant to flood an area within 3-5 feet of the phone.

Get A Real EDC Flashlight

Getting a real flashlight has a ton of advantages over your phone’s LED for lighting. Have you ever held your phone in your mouth while using both hands to work while trying to see what your phone’s LED is lighting up? You look positively ridiculous! Here’s some other reasons you’ll want an EDC Flashlight:

  • Better spot and spill than your phone
  • AAA and AA lights have a usable light throw of 30-60 feet. Your phone: 10 feet at most.
  • Your phone needs to be on when you use the light – 8 hours max. AA battery EDC lights can run an average of 10-15 hours at 30 lumens
  • You can hold an AA or AAA flashlight in your teeth while working. Try that with your phone. LOL
  • Many flashlights are waterproof to at least 1 meter. Go ahead… drop your phone in water and see what happens!
  • My AAA EDC Light fits in the 5th pocket with room for other items. Try jamming your Iphone 6 Plus into that 5th pocket and tell me how that works for you!

I could go on, but you get the idea. Again, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use your phone LED for quick light, but I’d rather use the AAA EDC light I carry everyday over any phone LED. When I’m out at night in the back yard, I want to see what’s rustling around in the leaves without having to guess or squint. Speaking of which, just the nature of turning on your phone, and the light from the screen will kill your night vision. With an EDC light, you’re lighting up the subject, not blinding yourself.

I should also mention that having a higher power AAA or AA everyday carry light is also tactically good too. You can use it instantly to blind an oncoming threat. By the time you get that Iphone out and get the LED light on to blind a threat, they’ll have stolen your phone anyway, so again, having a dedicated EDC light is always better.

streamlight MICROSTREAMStreamlight Microstream

The streamlight microstream is my personal favorite. It’s a AAA battery flashlight that runs 8-10 hours on a single AAA battery, but also has the option to run the 3.7 volt 10440 cell You’ll get 28 lumens from an AAA (but better candella than similar AAA lights) and nearly 150 lumens from the 10440 cell. It should be mentioned that the 10440 will only give you 12- 20 minutes of runtime, and gets rather warm in the process. I carry a spare AAA as backup when I’m using the 10440 in the microstream.

fenix ld02Fenix LD02

If you want to just run AAA cells, the Fenix LD02 is perfect for you. The manufacturer rates the light for 100 lumens, but I see more like 50 when comparing to other AAA lights. It has a night light and good spill for a light of it’s size. The LD02 is another favorite among the EDC community, and at $30, it’s not a bad light.

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