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thumb I used a sterno stove to make coffee

How To Make Coffee At Your Desk with a Sterno Stove

Sterno Folding Single Burner Stove 5

Make Coffee At Your Desk The Manly Way

I have about five hours of work in front of me tonight, and I decided the best way to keep going was to make some coffee while plugging away at all the stuff I had to do. Now, most people would stop what they’re doing, run to the kitchen, and make a cup of coffee, but not me. Not tonight. I wanted to keep the work output at a maximum, so I decided to do things a bit differently.

You might remember that I did a review on the Sterno Camping Stove many years back. Well, honestly that stove hasn’t gotten much use. It’s been in my fire kit for a few years, and I think I’ve only ever used it twice.

As you can imagine, tonight was the night it was put to the best use it’s ever been in.

I quickly grabbed it from the fire kit and placed it on my desk. I know from experience that the sterno can doesn’t get hot enough on the bottom to damage the desk, and besides, the stove holds the can about an inch and a half above the desk.

I assembled the stove in less than 20 seconds, because it’s all one peice, and then put the can of sterno inside. In the video, you’ll see that the sterno can is a larger 7.0 oz can (as opposed to the 3.0 oz “warming sterno cans”).

The cup that I used is an 18oz GSI Outdoors Glacier stainless steel cup that’s perfect for boiling water in.

I just lit the stove and continued working as the water rose to a boil.

It takes about seven minutes to come to a complete boil, and the whole time, the desk below the sterno can only got a bit warm. I could leave my hand between the sterno can and the desk without even thinking I’d get burned.

After all said and done, I put in the instant coffee and voila!, all done.

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