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how to use watch as compass

How To Use Your Watch As A Compass

You Don’t Need That Compass Watch!

Its quite possible that you don’t need to buy that expensive compass watch you’ve been looking at for the past couple months. In fact, you can use just about any watch to figure out the compass directions pretty easily. 

While you usually can just position the sun as east or west of where you’re standing depending on the time of day, using a watch as a compass will be a bit more accurate.

How To Use Your Watch As A Compass In The Northern Hemisphere

Looking at the watch face, point the hour hand right toward the sun. If the time is 10:10 am, then divide the arch between the hour hand and 12:00 in half. If you run a line down the half way point, then the direction between the watch hands is south.

The other direction is obviously north.


how to use watch as compass

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