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Portable USB Phone Chargers: EDC Essentials Day 1

Packing a Portable USB Phone Charger in my Everyday Carry proves to be useful more than just a few times a week. For me, I don’t know how I could get through the day without one. Funny thing is, it isn’t just my phone that I charge. Portable USB Chargers charge just about anything that charges from a standard USB plug, and besides newer smartphones, I charge my AA and AAA batteries, Vape, run a USB LED light and yes, charge my Hubsan X4 H107C drone batteries! Currently, I have three “on the go” soruces to charge from: Two 2200mAH portables and any one of my three laptops that I have with me at any given time (All have sleep and charge USB ports).

anker powercore 20100 USB charger

I just ordered two Anker Powercore 20100mAH Chargers as well for my tablet and whatever else needs charging.

Having power when you need it makes life a whole lot less stressful. I’m one of those people that get stressed out when my phone battery hits 20% because I know it’s not going to last that much longer. Generally speaking, I recharge my phone once during the day, provided it was full when I woke up in the morning. Having communication is vital to doing my job in IT to communicate back to the home office, so I cannot have a dead phone.

x4 h107c box

Besides for the essential phone communications, I carry quite a few EDC items that require a USB port to charge. I actually already listed them at the beginning of this post, but they’re the reason I jumped in with two feet and bought the two Anker Powercores. I like to vape every now and then while I’m waiting for a server to reimage, or when I have an hour or two between job sites and it’s lunch, I’ll stop at a park and fly the drone. The drone’s controller takes four AA batteries, and on occasion, I’ll need to recharge these. Now, when I’m home, I’ll use the power outlets to charge, but since I also have a solar charger (Anker 21W 2x USB PowerPort Solar Charger), having topped up portable USB Chargers is convenient and can be done while the car is sitting in a parking lot..

I also carry the two2200mAH PocketJuice chargers in my everyday carry because on weekends, My wife, oldest son and oldest daughter when she’s home from college all have power hungry Samsung phones. Many times, they’ll exaust the Pocketjuices leaving my wife and I to charge from the laptop, which isn’t always the most convenient. Again, this is partially why I ordered the two Ankers. Enough power for the whole family for a weekend of phone use as the Ankers can charge a phone up to seven times. Provided I can recharge the Ankers and Pocketjuice chargers in the evening, we’re good to go all of the next day.

pocketjuice 200mah usb charger

One of the most useful uses of the Pocketjuice USB Chargers are as backup flood lights. I have some Soshine USB port powered 6LED Lights that run for hours on these chargers. They provide a ton of bright floody light within 10-12 feet, and are great to have around if they’re needed. I used the LED lights last week when I was rummaging around in the attic. Two weekends before that when I was sitting at the bus station waiting for our daughter to come in from Chicago, I let some poor chap charge his phone while we were waiting because there wasn’t a power plug around, and his battery was going really dead. It was a good feeling to have helped another person out, and that’s a good part of the reason I carry things that are useful with me.

Soshine Portable Touch Dimmer Mini 6 LEDs 1W5V Mobile Power USB Lamp lighting

All in all, having extra power in your everyday carry makes sense if you also are carrying items that use a lot of power. I’m looking forward to having the Ankers come in and having those with me as well.

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