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beef jerky bag water storage

Repurpose Beef Jerky Bags For Water Storage

Reuse your beef jerky bags to carry water in a pinch!

This one isn’t so much for your average everyday carry enthusiast, but is something that might appeal to more of the crossover EDC to Prepper community. Most people don’t even worry about whether there’s going to be water around. Chances are that you just go into a store and buy a bottle.

For those of us that like our everyday carry to be as widely ready as possible, there’s the beverage bags that come in MREs, Whirl-Pak water storage bags, plastic collapsible water bottles and yes, Beef Jerky bags. I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself really thirsty all of a sudden, but even if you do find a water fountain, you have no way of taking water with you if you aren’t carrying a container.

Beef Jerky Bags are thick, high strength bags that can carry water if needed. They fold down just like whirl-pak and MRE beverage bags, and if you get the large bags (16 oz of product or more), you can carry approximately 16-24 oz of water, depending on the bag you get.

Fill the bag and zip it closed. When you open it, you’ll see immediately how much water the bag can hold by where the water line is. I took a sharpie marker and ran a line across the water line so I knew how full the bag could get without overflowing.

Thoroughly Wash The Bag to get rid of the beef jerky taste.

The bag could be used to carry water right away. If you eat the jerky, you don’t even have to cleanse the bag more than a rinse since it was already used to hold editables, but your water might taste a bit weird. If you do have the chance, it’s best to wash the bag well and then let dry.

After drying, toss a couple water purification tablets and a silica-gel pack in and roll up. I used a rubber band to keep the bag rolled and just tossed it in my backpack.

But Why?

Ok, you save some money and reduce waste at the same time, right? Also it’s using what you got rather than just spending money (did I say that already?) and having it ready when it’s needed. It’s also good to know in case there’s an emergency too.

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