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Vapur Element Collapsible Water Bottles

Stay Hydrated This Summer with Collapsible Water Bottles

Summer in almost upon us, and staying hydrated is always important.

We’ve been to the zoo many times last summer, and without fail, you’d an emergency where someone just dropped or got really dizzy from heat exaustion.

The loss of body fluids can sneak up on you, for sure, but one thing you should consider carrying in your everyday carry this summer are a couple of collapsible water bottles. 

Most of us can just stop at a store and pick up a few bottles of water, but what do you do when the water runs out? 

I got the idea from Patriot36 over on YouTube. He carries a bottle in his EDC, and I realized just how valuable it would really be, and have since put two 32oz bottles in my bag for use when needed.

I live in an urban environment. It’s pretty easy to find drinking water, but the real problem can be not having something to carry it in if you have to go from point “A” to somewhere where clean water isn’t as easily accessible (like on hikes, at a kid’s soccer game where you’re out in a field and the bathrooms are a quarter mile away, etc…).

Initially, I purchased the Sawyer filtration bags that are used in conjunction with the All In One filtration system and the Mini kit. They’re 32oz bags that are strong and good for travel, but not the easiest to drink from, even when you put a pop top cap on, so I changed them up for something easier to use. To be fairl, their primary function is water storage for extended hiking and camping, not ease of use when you’re just out and about.

The problem for me is in the car. Grabbing the Sawyer bag and trying to drink from it while driving wasn’t easy if the bag was less than 3/4 full. it almost takes two hands. I needed to find something better to address the driving safety problem.

Vapur Element Collapsible Water BottleVapur Element Collapsible Water Bottle

I purchased two of the Vapur Element 700’s and two of the 1 liter sizes (The bottle is available in both sizes). They don’t all go into the EDC: I have the two 1 liter bottles in my car along with the two older 32oz Sawyer bags, and the two 700mL bottles in my bag. I find that I can easily swap one out if needed, or if it’s a long hike, I can fill them all and carry them in a separate drawstring pack. 

I purchased the 700mL bottles in grey, and the 1 liter bottles in blue so that I could easily tell which was which when hunting through my bag. They also come in red and pink, but neither of those colors interest me as much as the blues, greys and blacks.

The bottles themselves are pretty darn durable. I’ve tried dropping the bags from chest high (about 5 feet) and they just won’t break on concrete, gravel or brush on the trail (ok… so that one was accidental), but a word of advice is not to fill them all the way up to the neck. I leave about an inch of room at the top to allow the bottles to give a little if they drop.

The top is a twist on drink through that has a reclosable cap. I really like the cap on this because it lends itself well to one handed opening and closing when I’m driving. There’s also a permanent ring attachement that is used for clipping the water bottle to your backpack or where ever, and also for keeping the bag rolled up when not in use. The cap opening is a bit larger than your disposable water bottles you’d buy in a gas station making them really easy to clean, and also to drink from. You don’t feel like you’re sucking on a bottle that’s fighting you.

Vapur Element Collapsible Water Bottle rolled up

MIO “FIT” Electrolytes Water Add In

I also carry a standard size 1.62oz bottle of MIO Fit that I picked up at the grocery store. Having electrolytes is also important (but not quite as important as just staying hydrated). The electrolytes also give you a bit of energy if you are really dragging. Usually, I don’t touch this bottle unless I really feel that I need it.

How Much Water Do You Need?

On warm days that fall between 65° and 75°, the body doesn’t have to work as hard as it would on a much hotter day, so I tend to drink about 16oz every few miles when walking briskly.

On hot days when the body really is working, I can go through up to 32oz every couple miles.

The technique is that I only sip on the water, but very frequently. I don’t walk a mile and than gulp a whole bunch. For me, that’s not good. My body prefers to get rehydrated a little faster than it’s losing fluids, but not all at once.

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