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The Importance of EDC Snacks

EDC Work Snacks

I’ve mentioned that I pack snacks in both my work EDC and in the weekend bag as well, so just for fun, I thought I’d show you what I had for snacks today on my desk at work. I am a big advocate of snacking, partly due to the fact that many days, I’m forced to skip lunch due to deadlines that projects are due on, but also because I just don’t like to be hungry.

So for today’s snack photo, from left to right:

  • Kimchee Ramen
  • Sanporo Ramen (box of 24 under desk)
  • Vietnamese Pho ramen
  • Campbell’s dried noodle soup with chicken (12x boxes with 2 packets in each box under desk)
  • 4x Apple cinnamon oatmeal packs (box of 24 under desk)
  • A Kureg coffee insert (40 pack under desk)
  • Tuna (small can – 6x more under desk)
  • Chicken (large can – 6x more under desk)
  • BBQ Chips
  • Nature Valley granola bar (box of 12 under the desk)
  • Kars Roasted Salted Peanuts
  • Snyder’s Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzels
  • Chex Mix
  • 12 pack of water bottles under the desk (not shown)

This is actually quite indicitive of what I have on my desk at any given moment during the day. The only thing missing, not that I look at it, is the Beef Jerky strips. While I don’t eat everything you see here on every day, I will usually have an oatmeal in the morning, one of the smaller snacks around 10AM, ramen noodls around lunch if I can’t get out to get anything and another small snack around 2PM and again at 4pm.

Non Perishable Foods

Everything I keep at work are non-perishable snacks. I don’t bring in anything smelly and as a general rule of thumb, have enough to share if one of my co-workers has a starvation emergency.

Food Theft

It should be said that our tech firm has 12 employees on site and even though the snacks are sitting on my desk, there’s no one low enough to go stealing other people’s food around here.

At the old Non-Profit that I used to work at (about 250 employees), food theft happened all the time (and actually was enough of a problem that they installed survellience cameras to watch the fridge), so I bought a couple MTM locking Ammunition boxes off Amazon for about $15 each back then and locked my snacks away inside the bottom desk drawers at my workstation. The paperwork piled up on my desk, of course, but at least my snacks were safe.

I’ll leave you with the thought that having snacks at work really does help with both productivity and satisfaction. You’re not distracted by hunger, and you always have options if you have to attend grueling back to back meetings. While I’m a lot luckier at this job than at the non-profit where I can leave food out, I did find a way to still keep food in my posession at the previous job, and it made life better there.

EDIT: It’s now 2:49PM and I missed lunch due to a downed server. Sitting at my desk, I’d be terribly hungry if it wasnt for the fact that I have snacks and light meals to get me through to 5:00PM. Earlier I ate a pretzel package and some chips, but now it’s time for Chicken Noodle Soup from Lipton. I snapped a quick pic from my phone while the noodles were softening, and I have about 4 more minutes to wait.

lipton chicken noodle soup with chicken


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