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EDC Bag Dump: 18/M Student in Germany

Teachers always tell you “come to class well prepared”, and if your Everyday Carry has a loadout like Ephidrineon’s on Reddit, you’ll be acing classes all year long! For starters, check out the Mil-Tech tactical backpack. When he walks into class with one of those, you know he’s serious stuff. He’s got pencil, pen, paper and everything else he needs to get through a day of learning (except snacks IMHO), and does it true EDC style!

In this EDC:
1. Toshiba Satellite C660D-19X (+Powerbrick in backpack)
2. Mil-Tec Army Backpack (Vegetato Woodland)
3. Generic spiral-bound notepad
4. DIN-A4 folder for everything from the classes
5. House Of Marley Smile Jamaica Earphones
6. Wallet
7. Zender Technical Watch
8. Pencil case
9. Ballpen and Pencil
10. 64MB USB-Stick (yeah, 64 Megabytes. I call it “Little Devil” because it contains an install of Tiny Core Linux with some pretty nifty tools)
11. 8GB TrekStor USB-Stick
12. 2GB Arxes USB-Stick
13. Casio FX-900ES Plus calculator
14. Generic notepad for homework and stuff

Not in this Image (because I forgot, or was too lazy):
1. Samsung Galaxy S3 4G mobile phone
2. Keys to my house and my Vauxhall Corsa
3. Leatherman Wave

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