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EDCBag Dump: 41/M/IT – Working On Location

Working on location today from a server room somewhere in Mid-Michigan. I was not allowed to bring in the full backpack because it didn’t meet the company’s security requirements (too large – could steal stuff easily was their concern), so I threw some of the stuff into my daypack and left the backpack in the car. I’ll be here for about seven hours today, so this is the gear I have at my disposal.

* Outdoor Products Packable Day Pack
* Macbook Pro
* Gerber Suspension
* Gerber Dime
* Sunglasses (because I forgot they were on my head)
* Money + RFID Blocking Sleeve with cards and License
* JVC Xtreme Earbuds
* Streamlight Micro
* Sharpie + Zebra telescoping pen
* Rite in the Rain #954T
* Camping mug for coffee + instant coffee
* Two 2200mAH PocketJuice Chargers
* Spare change for vending machines

Not shown:

Lunch bag in car (cannot be eaten in server room)
Regular backpack in car
Mac charger (forgot to put it in for the pic)
Samsung S4 (used to take photo)

This server room is well lit so I don’t need to use my flashlight as much as in those dark ones, but the motion sensor is annoying because it turns off the lights every three minutes, making me wave my hand at it alot.

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