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fluffyangel88 everyday carry dump 175

M/29/OH System Administrator

fluffyangel88 everyday carry dump 175Reddit user, FluffyAngel88 keeps a clean and simple Everyday Carry. Just the things that’s needed at any given time. Wallet, Keys, Flashlight, Knife, Multitool and pen and Field Notes. What else could you ask for? Read on for more information about this layout.

So there are times when you just don’t need to carry it all. There are those that don’t like carrying much. FluffyAngel88 is one of those. With this neat and clean Everyday Carry, it’s obvious that this one knows just what to have and what isn’t needed.

I could say a lot about the choice in knives or the flashlight, but what really gives this EDC a personality is the Field Notes journal. Obviously well used, it adds a ton of character to the layout.

Even though the Field Notes notebook has a certain charm, they just don’t hold up well in the back pocket for everyday use. I use packing tape to reinforce my covers and make the notebook last longer, but it looks a bit ugly.

On another note, that Benchmade 940 is a nice blade, to say the least. Good choice there, no complaints from me.

The wallet was also a nice minimal choice. 

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