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M 26 Music Event Production IT Technician DJ

Pocket Dump: M/26/Music Event Production, IT Technician, DJ

Reddit user, burniemcburn, works in the music industry in event audio technician and DJ when the chance arises. He’s laid out his gear for us to peek at, and it’s a very nice layout indeed. Of course The Shure SE-215 IEMs are no surprise, and the three adaptors are there when the need arises.

Car Key: VW Golf

Wallet: 2016 Vintage Ross Bargain Bin Model

Blue canisters: DownBeats Earplugs, Northern Nights Music Festival SE, and diffused keychain flashlight

Keys: with Ableton lanyard and Founders IPA Bottle Opener

Pens: Ballpoint and Sharpie

Chapstick: Burts Bees

Flash Drives: Corsair 64gb Dual Micro/USB 3, Kensington 64gb, and SanDisk Dual USB C/3

Headphone Adaptors: Three 1/8″ to 1/4″, because DJ’s are dumb and never remember their own (and I say that as one of them).

Silver Pin: Temple Nightclub staff pin

Gum: Whatever’s on the rack at checkout

Knife: Kershaw Cryo Tanto (Or Cryo 2 if I feel like it)

Multitool: Gerber MP400 Stainless

Headphones: Shure SE215 IEMs (perfect as earplugs too)

Phone Case: Note 8 J&D Slim

Charger: Fast Charger w/USB C Cable

Source: reddit

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