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CRKT M16-10KSF, My New EDC Knife

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. My interest in Everyday Carry hasn’t changed, but work and other commitments took me away from this site for a while. Anyway, it’s good to be back, and I’m here with a new EDC knife I’ve been carrying for the last few months.

CRKT M16-10KSF Overview

I have been carrying my trusty Kershaw 1555TI for years now, but its bulky size has always been a bit of an issue for me.

My Jean pockets aren’t that big, and I at work, I am no longer allowed to wear any pants that have leg pockets.

The powers that be thought that look for us IT guys were a bit unprofessional (I’ll withhold my thoughts for now).

I am limited to wearing khaki pants or black slacks, and the Kershaw just takes up too much space.

I needed a good blade that had a slimmer design.

I knew I wanted a one-handed operation. I also knew I wanted to stay under $50 for the knife this time.

I honestly didn’t take that much time looking around. I found the CRKT on the second page of Amazon.

I just went ahead and purchased it (Amazon Prime and a generous credit line is an evil thing, guys), and this knife and I have been doing a lot of time together.

CRKT Columbia River Knife & Tool M16-10KSF
  • 2.94 Inch Tanto Blade with Triple Serrations
  • Liner Lock Mechanism
  • Thumb or Index finger Opener
  • Non-Assisted Action
  • 8Cr14MoV Coated Stainless Steel

The M16 weighs 2.7 ounces, so it really doesn’t add too much to the pocket weight, which is nice. I tend to carry my Zebra F701 pen and Streamlight Microstream in the same pocket, and while the weight of all the items is present, it’s not cumbersome.

The blade edge is a Tanto-style, which I’m really not a huge fan of. Tanto’s look a lot more aggressive than your standard drop-point, and this knife definitely has a military-tactical look to it.

The flipper isĀ not assisted so I had to oil the mechanism a bit to get it to snap out when I needed it. Out of the package, it only flips about half way, and that just wasn’t going to cut it for me (pun intended). I almost sent it back.

Now, after a few months, it snaps out almost as well as the Kershaw’s blade assist, so I don’t have any issues with using it.

The pocket clip is useful, but not strong enough. It tends to bend outward and loosen. I’ve taken off the clip with my T6 torx wrench and bent it back twice now.

Other than that, I do recommend the CRKT M16-10KSF as a decent (and cheap) EDC knife.

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