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ECM07 Magic Wallet

ECM07 Multicolored Leather Mens Slim Magic Wallet

ECM07 Slim Magic Wallet Is A Perfect Low Profile Solution to Wallet Bulk!

ECM07 Magic WalletIs your wallet bigger than the Incredible Hulk? When you put it in your pocket, does it look like a huge mountain in your pants? Sure, if you want your @ss to look more well endowed than you are, then sure, go ahead and stuff that behemoth back into your pocket, but if you like to maintain a low profile and run with the essentials, the ECM07 Magic Wallet fits the bill for what you need.

Even with 10 cards loaded and some cash, it’s still less than a 1/2 inch thick making it the perfect wallet to throw in either your front or rear pocket.

$24.95 56% OFF!

$10.99 + free shipping (on orders over $35)


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