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mrf smartruler 2 sm

MRF Tools SmartRuler 2.0

MRF Smartruler 2.0:

mrf smartruler 2 sm

A TSA Safe Wallet Sized Drawing Tool… And So Much More!

Last month, the MRF Smartruler 2.0 came in. MRF is a Ukrainian manufacturing company that’s well known for their high quality wallet tools within the Everyday Carry community, and the Smartruler 2.0 is the newest addition to their card tool lineup.

It’s A Drawing Tool that can do a bit more

The thing I really don’t like about most card tools is that they try and do it all, but most of the ones I’ve seen out there don’t do anything well. The Smartruler is a different story. It’s not designed to do everything, it’s primary function is drafting and drawing. Bullet Journalers will love it for on-the-go lining and circling, and technical artists will like many features of this tool.

It’s A TSA Safe Pocket Tool

One of the best things about this tool is that it’s TSA safe. There’s no cutting edges on the tool from the factory, and it’s clearly meant for drawing, so TSA doesn’t give you any grief about carrying it. The best part is that if you have a small carbide knife sharpener (which is also carry on safe), you can sharpen the edge of the Smartruler into a cutting edge if you’re in an emergency situation.

The Smartruler 2.0 Tour

Imperial and Metric Measurements

The smartruler 2.0 offers imperial measurements on one side, and metric measurements on the other.

On the metric side of the Smartruler, you’ll notice that the bottom left corner is measured out in Millimeters up to 30mm on the vertical side, and 20mm on the bottom. All other ruler measurements are in CM.

The inches side shows 32nds of an inch up to one inch, and then eights of an inch thereafter.

Mini Protractor

You’ll also notice the protractor feature is the same on both sides. The 0° to 30° section is open so that highly accurate measurements can be made, and then there are holes for every 5° thereafter.

At the bottom left edge of the imperial side, there are 1° hash marks up to 5° for even more accurate measurements (1/3 degree scale).

Along the top of the card tool, there is a row of holes. This is used as a metric compass.

Circle Templates

The circle templates come in handy more than you’d think, and they are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm and 13mm  sizes.

Quick Square

On the imperial side, you’ll notice hash marks along the top through the ruler that mark off 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° for quick angles.

Radian Protractor

On the metric side, there’s also a radian protractor feature in the upper right near the Bottle opener icon.

Hex Bit Driver

You’ll notice that there’s also a hex bit driver on the upper left when looking at the wallet tool from the metric side. Since I usually carry a double sided #2 Phillips head and flathead bit in my EDC, the driver cutout comes in handy a lot.

Earbud Storage

Right below the Hex bit driver, you’ll notice a square cutout. This is meant to wrap your headphones in, and is actually a handy way to carry your earbuds when not in use.

Phone Stand

Another cool feature is the long cutout right below the MRF logo. You just pop a rewards card or credit card into that slot, and you have a nice little phone stand that’s perfect for widescreen mode.

So How Useful Is It Really?

Since the Smartruler isn’t trying to be an all in one survival tool, and is designed to be just a ruler and protractor, it does the job it’s intended for very well. I use both a pocket notebook and a Traveler’s Notebook at work and on the go, and the Smartruler has been used frequently for lines. I haven’t really needed to use the protractor, but it (along with everything else) is there if it’s ever needed.

I do use the Smartruler as an earbud cord wrap a lot, and I’ve used the bottle opener a few times.

The biggest use I’ve had for the smartruler at work is as a phone stand on my desk piping music to my bluetooth headset (and for neat and tidy aesthetics as well).

I’ve used the Smartruler twice with the hex bit holder when I needed to tighten a couple Phillips head screws in the overhead storage bin when I noticed that they weren’t screwed in all the way.

Overall, it’s a nice addition to the Everyday Carry that really doesn’t take up any real space and comes in handy frequently.

Who’s The SmartRuler 2.0 For?

I’d have to recommend this tool for those of you that work in cubicles or desk jobs and have long commutes into the city. This isn’t a rough and tough outdoors tool, and it’s not meant for survival.

If push came to shove, as I said above, you can hone a pretty good cutting edge using a small, pocket carbide and ceramic knife sharpener, at the expense of that measuring edge.


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