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Nebo LEO 220 Lumen Pocket Work Light

NEBO LEO: Light Where You Need It

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So I just bought a Nebo LEO as an impulse purchase (hate it when I do that), but it was so cool that I really didn’t want to pass the darn thing up!

Normally I don’t get into “normal” flashlights, but today, the LEO worklight by Nebo caught my eye. It was a bit different than most other cheap LED worklights you might find in Walmart or online, and I felt convinced that I had to get it.

Most cheap AAA powered work lights are kina dim and not very useful in a real situation where you need a good work light. After all, you probably paid just a couple bucks for it. The other drawback to cheap work lights is that the manufacturer doesn’t even worry about battery life or water resistance. If your car breaks down on the site of the road in a downpour, how long is that light going to last against the rain?

The NEBO LEO is a very bright 220 lumen work lamp that has a swivel-out rotating head to put the light where you need it, but it also has a 80 lumen flashlight at the top as well for spot use. With a price of less than $20 it’s a perfect AAA worklight that won’t break the bank!

I am testing it out as my everyday carry flashlight, temporarily replacing the Pelican 1910 that I normally carry in my EDC bag.

The Nebo LEO offers two sets of LED lights to give you the right light for the application:

  • A long COB (Chips on Board) LED light that offers 220 Lumens max, but also can be dimmed down to roughly 35 lumens to increase battery life.
  • A conventional Spot flashlight offering 80 lumens at the tip of the arm that also is dimmable down to about 15 lumens.

The work light also has three ways to mount it when in use:

  • Powerful magnetic base at the bottom of handle
  • Metal swing-out loop at the base
  • Integrated Pocket clip

NEBO LEO Specifications

This little flashlight has some pretty impressive features that you wouldn’t normally expect from a cheap pocket work light. I love the tough, rugged look of this flashlight, and it looks right at home attached to my Condor Pocket Pouch or hanging off my backpack. The flashlight is offered in three colors: Black, Gray and Orange. I picked up the gray one since it wasn’t black like all my other lights, but wouldn’t attract attention like the orange one would. Plus the light just looks cool in gray 😀

The Nebo LEO is 6.625 inches closed, and 9.75 inches with the COB LED light arm extended all the way out. I found that even though it’s a bit bigger than a normal worklight of this type, it’s still managable, and fits into my front or back pocket reasonably well.

The LEO takes three AAA batteries for a power source, and works fine with cheap dollar store batteries, premium Duracell or Energizer cells, but works the best with Lithium batteries.

It’s a bit on the heavy side for a small worklight, coming in at 0.7 lbs (0.32kg), but it’s really not that noticable if you’ve been carrying a regular 18650 tactical flashlight for a while.

nebo leo features

LEO Runtimes

I have to say, for the light output and the versatility, when it comes to the flashlight’s run times, the LEO isn’t too shabby.

If you’re using the COB LED light strip to light the area at a full 220 lumens, you’ll get about 5 hours out of standard Duracell/Energizer AAA cells. If you’re using lithium cells, there isn’t a lot of difference in the runtimes, but the light is a bit brighter.

When you’re running the standard flashlight head at the maximum 80 lumens, you’ll get about 7 hours out of the batteries. Here again, lithium doesn’t make much difference in runtime, but the light seems a bit brighter.

Dimmer Function

Both the COB LED and flashlight LED can be dimmed out to about half intensity if runtime is a concern, or you just don’t need all that light. After you select the LED lights that you want to use, press and hold the switch to dim the light down to the desired brightness.

I found that this is one of the best lights for reading at night, or just putting a little light where you need it.

Why Get A Nebo LEO?

Although this flashlight was just an impulse purchase, I’m going to get a couple more for my bags and EDC kits. I found that there is just no end to the usefulness of the swiveling COB LED head, and having a conventional LED flashlight that doesn’t suck at the top is also really nice.

I find that I like having both flood and spot capability coming from one flashlight rather than carting around two or more.

Standing this light up on a shelf while I’m working at my bench puts light exactly where I want it, and the light is great when you don’t have a flood light that can be easily pointed at your work area.

The 220 lumens is more than enough light for desk work, and can light up an engine bay like daylight.

What I Don’t Like About the LEO?

I haven’t found anything that I don’t like really, but I do wish for a couple more features:

  • I would love for the LEDs to strobe. If you need to get attention, it would be nice to have a strobe feature so that people can see your light without issues.
  • I also would have liked to see a recharge port if rechargeable AAA batteries are used.

Other than those two things, I really can’t find anything wrong given that this is a cheap flashlight you can buy for less than $20 and has the most functionality and versatility that I’ve seen from a light in this price range.

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