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thumb NEBO LiL Larry Work Light

Nebo Lil Larry 6373 Work Light 250 Lumens White/Red LED

Nebo Lil Larry 250 Lumens Work Light.

NEBO LiL Larry Work Light father reading stories

I saw the Lil Larry at the same time I got the LEO, but decided not to get it at the time. I should have because I went right back the next day and picked it up.

The Lil Larry is a side mounted COB LED worklight that puts a whole lot of light in your immediate work area. 250 lumens makes for a lot of light when your area is ten feet or less, but this flashlight is a flood light, and isn’t great for trying to spot something over 10 yards.

The Lil Larry has a low mode that puts out about 100 lumens, although NEBO doesn’t say exactly how bright the low mode is. 

There’s also a red LED strip that blinks twice a second like an emergency flasher. This is pretty handy for mounting to your bike for night time riding, on your person if you’re a runner, or on your car in the event that you’re broken down on the side of the highway and need to warn others.

NEBO LiL Larry Work Light

Lil Larry Runtimes

I was moderately impressed with the runtimes on this flashlight. In high mode, you’ll get about five hours of battery life. Running the low and strobe will give you 10 hours. Not too bad for a small work light.

Power and Size

The Lil Larry takes three AAA batteries for full power and brightness. Overall, the Lil Larry 6.06 inches in length, and 0.6 inches in diameter except at the head.

The Lil Larry worklight can also run with only two AAA cells by removing the bottom of the handle and then putting the cap at the base of the top part.

The flashlight is then only 4.7 inches in length. You will notice a bit less brightness, but all three modes are still accessible, and I am estimating the runtimes to be 3 hours on high, 6 hours on low and strobe when you are running only two AAA batteries.

NEBO LiL Larry Work Light two battery mode

Overall Thoughts

I really like this flashlight as much as the LEO. It’s small, puts light where it’s needed, and is water resistant.

The Lil Larry can be found on Amazon between $15 and $20.

NEBO LiL Larry Work Light in hand for size

NEBO LiL Larry Work Light top

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