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trekker fisher space pen review

The “Trekker” Fisher Space Pen

Trekker Space Pen Review: The Ideal Pen To Carry Everyday.

I’ve had many different pens in my EDC. I’ve carried everything from Moleskin Notebook pens to your average, run of the mill, Bic pens, but none of those writing instruments became a permanent solution to my writing needs, as the Trekker Space Pen has. Fisher Space Pens offers some of the best pens for everyday carry and extreme condition use in the world.

trekker fisher space pen

The Fundamental Problem With Normal Pens

One of the biggest aggravations is trying to find a pen to write down information when you’re on a phone call.

Either you just can’t find a pen to save your life, or the one that you find is about 20 years old and of course, doesn’t write on demand. You’re either left trying to type the information in on your phone while talking, or worse, attempting to commit it to memory.

The second issue I have with normal pens is that they fall out of my pockets.

Full size pens, when put in your back pocket next to the Moleskine Cahier, will often fall out mysteriously, leaving you searching for a pen to write with. I swear that my backpack has a black hole because when I put pens or pencils there, I can never find them when I need them.

About a week later, they might resurface in an entirely different pocket, but still, it’s not been a good thing for me to put pens in the backpack.

The third issue is that most pens either require furious scribbling or heating with a lighter to work when you need them most. A lot of pages in my old notebooks have the obligatory scribbles in the corner to get the ink flowing.

heat up ballpoint pen restart

The Clips Always Break or Get Lost

For the pens that have clips, I always seem to break the clip in one way or another. It either snags on something when I get out of the car or just falls off due to the daily wear and tear. Pens such as Bic pens that have the clip on the cap are useless. I put one in my back pocket, and the cap pops off and gets lost immediately. I’m left with an exposed pen in my pocket that will either poke me or write on everything it touches.

trekker space pen layout 2

Fisher Trekker VS Bullet Space Pen

I have a bullet space pen. It’s also black like my Trekker. Using both of the pens has given me reasons to like the Trekker more than the Bullet for these two main reasons:

1. Grip

It’s quite a bit harder to maintain your grip on the bullet when it’s raining and the pen is wet, your hands are sweaty or you’ve got gloves on. The pen tends to slide, even with the texture under the cap. The trekker has a rubber textured area on the body that lends itself well to grip. I don’t find the pen sliding in my hand when in use.

2. Easy to pull out of the pocket.

If you try to move the pen up in your pocket from the outside, the bullet’s rounded top and bottom often make it slide sideways for some reason. The Trekker pen, conversely comes out pretty easily because you can usually get a finger right on the end and shimmy right up out of the pocket.

Why Fisher Space Pens Specifically?

Fisher space pens are well known for their ability to write in extreme conditions. The Fisher space pen was originally designed to write in space in zero gravity and was first patented the AG7 “anti gravity” pen in 1965.

While I haven’t tried using space pens in Antarctica or the Sahara desert, I have used them many times in rain and snow. I’ve also used them to write on greasy surfaces (labeling jars and Ziplock bags in the kitchen mainly) and these pens deliver as promised within normal urban conditions that I live in.

The space pen is also well known for being able to write in the upside down position, and this has come in handy many times over when I’ve been laying inside a server room network run tagging cables and fiber running across the top of the run.

Trekker Space Pen Specs

The Trekker is a 3.875 inch pen that has a snap top with keyring hole with a nominal weight of 1.6 ounces. It’s .375″ diameter is perfect for both quick jots and extended writings.

I keep the trekker in my pocket most of the time, but occasionally I will attach it to my key ring when I’m on the job and need to write only with one hand. The snap top keeps the pen attached on tightly, but when you pull with one hand to get the pen, it comes apart without taking your trousers down.

The Trekker comes with a PR4 medium point cartridge in black ink and comes with both a carabiner and a break-away lanyard so you can attach it to your belt loop, backpack, EDC Pouch or anything else that is within your reach.

Price: $28-$39 via


The Fisher Space Pen Refill Cartridges

The Fisher Space Pen Company manufactures all of it’s pen refills in standard, common cartridge sizes allowing you to use a space pen refill cartridge in most quality pens.

For instance, I have a Moleskine Classic Click Ball Pen that came with a standard non-pressurized PR4 cartridge. I just popped the clicker off and replaced the standard cartridge with the Fisher Space Pen PR4 medium refill cartridge, effectively making my Moleskine pen a space pen.

I even put a Fisher Space Pen cartridge into a cheap dollar store “tactical” pen that I purchased for $1! 

A list of all Fisher Space Pen refill cartridges can be found here.

fisher space pen refill cartridge chart

More info on the types of refill cartridges (with pictures) can be found here.

fisher space pen refill cartridges 2

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