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Nasco Whirl Pak 1 Litre Water Bag Review

Whirl-Pak 1 Liter Bags For Water Storage and Portability In Your EDC

If You Don’t Carry Whirl-Pak Bags You Should.

Whirl-Pak Bags are the ideal, low-profile solution to water portability problems with your everyday carry gear. Whirl Pak 1 liter bags fold down to almost nothing, so you can take a bunch with you to gather and save water when needed. While the bags, made by Nasco, are seen more commonly in bug out bags and prepper gear, it never hurts to have a couple with you, even if there isn’t a water emergency. Having a Whirl-pak bag means being able to carry water with you, even if it’s only because you think you’re going to get thirsty on your commute home. A six-bag pack can be found on Amazon for $10.

Nasco Whirl-Pak Bags were originally used for holding and transporting liquids in the laboratory, but have taken the prepper community by storm (pun intended) and can be seen in many Everyday Carry Dumps, SERE Kits, survival gear and Bug Out Bags. Whirl-pak bags are thick 4 mil sterile, food-safe bags that are perfect for storing and transporting water and foods.

whirl-pak bags in edc pack
Image Credit: Bugout Bag Builder

Each bag comes sealed, and the only way to use it is to remove the tabbed seal at the top of the bag when it’s needed. At a moment’s notice, you can verify that the new bag is food safe, purified water ready and sterile.

Nasco Whirl Pak 1 Litre Water Bag sterile perforated seal tab

Additionally,Whirl-Pak bags come with a 5 inch x 2 inch white writeable surface so you can write things like storage dates, contents, etc. The bags seal up by rolling the top of the bag down over the attached twist-tie closure a few times. Lock it in place by folding the twist tie ends over the fold. The bagsĀ stand up on their own when filled due to a gusseted bottom making it less likely to spill sterilized water or foods.

Nasco Whirl-Pak bags have been specified by name in Military Kits and come in quite a few pre-made survival kits on the market today.

I carry Whirl-pak water bags in my Maxpedition Fatty EDC pouch, Medical kit, backpack and day bag. You never know when you’ll want some extra water, even if it’s not an emergency. I also include a short straw (full size straw cut in half) and a couple water purification tablets (at the very least) taped to the Whirl-Pack bag. The straw makes it so much easier to drink directly from the bag, and the purification tablets are there just in case they’re needed.

Nasco Whirl Pak 1 Litre Water Bags rolled up with straw and MSR water purification tablets

Main Features Include:

  • Sterility Guaranteed if tabbed seal is not removed or broken. Again, you can visually check each bag before use to ensure that it’s sterile, very important for if you have to sterilize water and store it during an emergency.
  • Leak-proof enclosure also means that it’s airtight. This helps keep your purified water drinkable, and keeps foods fresher longer.
  • 36 oz / 1 Liter capacity per bag means having more capacity than many water bottles
  • 15 inches long x 5 inches wide but can be rolled down to 0.75 inch diameter by 5 inches for space saving in your EDC (I personally have three bags in one loop in the Maxpedition Fatty).
  • 4.0 mil thick (roughly the same thickness as high quality contractor trash bags) means better resistance to punctures and breakage
  • Will not break if frozen.
  • 0.4oz empty (tear) weight – virtually unnoticeable weight in your EDC

Whirl-Pak Bags are available on Amazon in packs of six for $9.99


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